About Us

For nearly a decade AsianProducts has created trade opportunities between buyers and suppliers through the integration of cataloguing media, marketing, and the internet. Founded in 1996, AsianProducts is a complete online trade directory and marketplace which connects international buyers and suppliers. Buyers can search through thousands of products using the comprehensive sort and search functions and can contact suppliers directly via communication channels available at AsianProducts.com. Suppliers can introduce their factories and showcase their product range to an international audience in their personal online showroom.

Buyers across all industries are increasingly recognizing the potential of reducing their procurement costs. Yet, few have effective strategic sourcing strategies in place . This is why companies have not been able to totally capitalize on strategic sourcing as a competitive weapon in the marketplace . Millions of dollars in near-term cost savings can be realized by corporations that start using innovative and technology driven strategic sourcing strategies.

Developments in information technology, especially those that are Internet based, coupled with advances made by 3rd party logistics, are enabling corporations to turn previously cost centered procurement into a weapon to lower costs and increase market share.

However, these near-term cost savings fail to take into account the total cost of adapting e-sourcing systems, the difficulty of realizing savings during the development and deployment phase of the transition, and the cost of training employees and getting suppliers to participate in the e-procurement system.

Media Federal launched an online B2B market place in 1996 to aid international buyers to curve costs involved by adapting new e-sourcing systems. Although large corporations already make use of their own e-procurement systems, it's too expensive for the small and medium business owner to implement.

For almost a decade, AsianProducts.com has been the preferred Online Market Place to search and source from suppliers from around the world.

The success of AsianProducts is due to the simplicity of its services. AsianProducts provides an online platform where buyer and supplier can meet and engage in international trade and partnerships.

Initially, AsianProducts provided Suppliers with an online showroom where they showcase products for international Buyers. After extensive online marketing of AsianProducts.com, the Website has climbed in rankings.

AsianProducts understood that bringing buyer and supplier together on one platform was not enough. AsianProducts set out to become a strategic online bridge that manages sourcing relationships between Buyers and Supplier.

Among the first projects initiated was to present Buyers with verified suppliers called Gold Supply Members. As a Gold Supply Member, AsianProducts guarantees the supplier as a trusted supplier. Many buyers have been using AsianProducts Gold Supply Members to engage in thousands of sourcing transactions since 1996.
In 2005, AsianProducts realized that by launching additional services to assist buyers in their sourcing needs that it would be possible to secure additional cost savings through e-procurement buyer solutions. These e-procurement solutions are the result of 10 years of research and experience in international sourcing and trade.
Online B2B Auctions, Sourcing Meetings, Buyer and Supplier Matching, Group Buying projects and Online Surplus Sales solutions are some of the new and exciting services AsianProducts has been developing during the past 3 years.

AsianProducts' Mission

AsianProducts' aim is to make the international buying experience as easy as possible for buyers and suppliers across the globe by enabling buyers to extend their scope and connect with manufacturers and suppliers who would otherwise prove impossible or very expensive and time consuming to contact.The AsianProducts.com website provides 24/7 access to AsianProducts' enormous database of products and suppliers, whilst a range of trade publications support the more traditional methods of marketing, advertising and promotion.

AsianProducts gives you the advantage of e-Procurement:


  • AsianProducts enjoys one of the lowest hardware costs because we use industry-standard Web servers. Web browsers are used for all interactions with the system, so no expensive and separately maintained client software is needed.
  • AsianProducts offers a simplified and automated sourcing process that produces measurable results.
  • AsianProducts offers tailored services with personal and dedicated attention.
  • AsianProducts stands by you for the whole duration of your sourcing, building lasting relationships between you and your suppliers.
  • AsianProducts assists with organizing sourcing meetings with pre-qualified suppliers.
  • AsianProducts are visible at most international trade shows and fairs, giving you the chance to meet us in person in your part of the world.
  • AsianProducts provides you with thousands of trusted suppliers.
  • AsianProducts provides you the latest information on market trends, new products, souring information and general sourcing news through our highly acclaimed trade publications.
  • AsianProducts acts as a third party negotiator representing your company with sourcing negotiations with Asian suppliers.